The excitement rises

The excitement grows as the three of us climb over the hard frozen snow to the Annahütte site at the Jepca saddle. 800 meters of altitude have to be conquered. Will the sun be waiting for us to take beautiful photos?

The sight is overwhelming. The sun shines almost horizontally over the small rock plateau. We can see into the distance, over the Drau valley to the Hohe Tauern and to Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia.

During several hours of ascent and descent, Andrea and I learn a lot about the language groups of Carinthia, Slovenia and the Italian Kanaltal/Valcanale. The harmony of 1000 years of common settlement history was essentially shattered only in the 20th century by political events. The idea of a peace chapel on the ridge was born on this hike. We can imagine a new Annahütte on the connecting path between Carinthia and Slovenia better than ever.

Dr. Marietta Ulrich-Horn, President

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