Cultural Heritage connects

The present is always marked by conflicts of the past, be they wars or ethnic and social disputes.

When it comes to promoting reconciliatory coexistence in the present, reviving cultural heritage is a good way to bring what we have in common to the fore.

ARCH Europe therefore sets itself the goal of supporting the return to the common cultural heritage of the past, in Europe as well as worldwide.

What does ARCH stand for?

  • Alliance for the
  • Restoration of
  • Cultural
  • Heritage

Everyone has the chance to positively contribute to society following his talents and experiences. In ARCH I see a fantastic initiative to activate cultural heritage of the past as a reconciling societal factor for the present. As a person, I am an entrepreneur drawing on experience in management, and an ethnologist with access to the science of culture.”

Dr. Marietta Ulrich-Horn / President of ARCH Europe

Rising above the Karawanks – the proud mountain range between the Austrian federal state Kärnten and the Slovenian province Krain – the Mittagskogel, its highest peak, can be seen over a long distance. Read more…

Located in shallow waters it is a beloved tourist attraction. ARCH, through years of dedicated commitment to saving Pavlopetri, has reached many milestones towards the sunken city’s protection. Read more…


When wars break out, when the destruction begins, when humanity is shattered, heroes emerge, sometimes literally from the ashes, carrying injured people to safety or defending their neighborhoods from invaders.

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The excitement grows as the three of us climb over the hard frozen snow to the Annahütte site at the Jepca saddle. 800 meters of altitude have to be conquered. Will the sun be waiting for us to take beautiful photos?

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On July 30, July 31, and August 2, 2020 Barbara, our partner in Greece, spotted boats right above the archaeological site of Pavlopetri…

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“As a political scientist, I have long been fascinated by the ability of cultural heritage and traditions – and by this I mean not only important buildings and museums but also music and modest but much-loved local treasures – to delight and unify people across borders and other divisions. It’s been enlightening to see that practices and beliefs that initially appear so different, often reveal a bedrock of common human needs and aspirations, which when uncovered can do much to build bonds of peace.”

Dr. Cheryl Benard / Vice-President of ARCH Europe

Let's save our shared cultural heritage together

ARCH Europe therefore sets itself the goal of supporting the recollection of the common cultural heritage of the past, in Europe as well as worldwide. Read more…


Cultural resilience

Austrian concert organist performs in Lviv despite war
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370 cultural heritage sites destoyed

after 100 days of Russian invasion of Ukraine
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